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:: Nawfal Clinics

For the past year and a half, I worked as part of an Antares team to offer technical assistance to help pretty much anyone developing or operating an anaerobic digester project in New York State.
What tipping fee can I get?
What permits do I need?
What about my demand charge—will it go away?
As this is the first blog posted by ANTARES in 2015, I would like first to wish all of our blog subscribers a Happy New Year.
The start of a new year is a time of reflection in any industry, but as a sector filled with projections, this is especially true american roulette pc game tricks energy.
While there is much left to do to secure a fully realized sustainable energy future, considerable progress has been made in recent years.
Specifically, I am very happy to note that in 2014 renewable sources accounted for nearly half of all new electrical generation.
It is somewhat surreal to recognize that wind and solar now represent a meaningful part of the U.
Massachusetts, for example, installed more than 350 MW of solar power in 2014 according to a recent report produced by GTM Research and SEIA.
Perhaps even more important, many of these american roulette pc game tricks are being made despite the very low price of natural gas-a tough competitor under any circumstances.
For the staff at ANTARES, 2014 was an exciting year filled with helping clients develop solar energy projects, reducing industrial energy use, supporting government agencies meeting ever tightening mandates and surging interest in large-scale bioenergy projects.
We hope for more of the same in 2015 and the continued success of those working hard to make renewable energy projects happen One of the american roulette pc game tricks ways we convert fossil fuels to useful energy is to burn them and heat water to produce steam.
Steam turbines then can use that steam to produce electricity, or that steam can heat facilities or serve process heating needs in manufacturing.
This technology produces steam without the use of complex and costly solar concentrators such as mirrors and lenses.
This is a whole new way that solar energy can be harnessed as an alternative to fossil fuels.
How does it work?
Apparently, the process hinges on a sponge like structure that includes a graphite layer covering carbon foam that floats.
When sunlight hits the graphite layer, the graphite layer heats up, drawing water through the foam that turns to steam.
Perhaps the most important of these is that the technology is very efficient — it converts up to 85% of the solar energy into steam, american roulette pc game tricks therefore it can be used in areas with lower sunlight.
It also uses relatively simple, low-cost materials.
There are many potential applications of this technology.
Ghasemi called out the potential for this technology to allow remote communities to produce steam using small, compact, inexpensive systems for sterilization or desalination.
The potential for integration of this technology in larger, industrial or utility-scale energy applications is something that will remain the focus of further research.
Stay tuned, this is a technology that has the potential to really change how we think about solar energy.
For more information see the.
The American Wind Energy Association AWEA organized the Virginia State Wind Forum, which was held on June 3 rd 2014, at James Madison University.
This event brought together a variety of people with backgrounds including education, policy, business, and technical aspects of wind energy project development.
The result was a comprehensive overview of the wind energy industry in Virginia.
Nationally, wind energy has experienced great growth.
By the first quarter of 2014, the U.
In 2013, it contributed just over 4% of the total U.
The Mid-Atlantic region of the country currently has over 2,000 megawatts of installed capacity; at the end of 2013, the regional were as follows: Pennsylvania american roulette pc game tricks leading the way with 1,340 MW installed, followed by West Virginia with 583 MW, Maryland with 120 MW, New Jersey with 9 MW and Delaware with 2 MW.
In stark contrast, Virginia has yet to install a single utility scale project, although rank it between West Virginia and Maryland in wind power potential.
Below is a map of the wind resource in Virginia at 80 meters, which is the typical height at which utility scale projects are installed.
Areas with wind speeds of 6.
Developers in Virginia have been working on wind projects in the state for over 10 years now.
Programs like theadministered by JMU, have provided valuable data that has been used to characterize the wind resource across much of the state.
Developers have also instrumented their own wind resource monitoring campaigns at their targeted project sites.
However, progress in actually building wind facilities has been slow.
Themes seemed to arise as speakers at the forum discussed obstacles to wind development in the state, as well as their perceived solutions to overcoming these barriers.
Speakers at the forum found that one of the greatest obstacles to wind development in Virginia has been public opposition.
A lack of communication between project developers and communities makes it difficult to dispel misconceptions about wind projects.
Communities have opposed small scale wind projects for a variety of reasons, including issues related to viewsheds, birds, and noise.
While these concerns may or may not prove to be valid in particular circumstances, without education about the success and benefits of wind projects, the community may fail to appreciate why this type of project is a worthy investment.
The other obstacle noted was read more lack of policy incentives at the state level.
Virginia currently has an un-enforceable.
As a result, utilities in the state are choosing to purchase wind power from out-of-state as their best option.
Until this changes, constructing utility-scale projects within the state will remain challenging.
Virginia has a very strong offshore wind resource, as shown in the map below.
Several companies have publicly expressed interest in developing it, and received federal grants to support development.
However, these projects will take time to develop.
Dominion predicts the project will be in operation by american roulette pc game tricks />The end goal of that project, is in part, to determine how to economically provide offshore wind american roulette pc game tricks to customers.
Dominion will be using the research accomplished through VOWTAP for the development of a large scale.
In September 2013, Dominion won a bid to lease a 112,800 acre site located three miles off the coast of Virginia Beach.
There, the company plans to develop a wind farm with a capacity of up to 2,000 megawatts.
Dominion will be submitting a plan for site characterization studies within the next year.
Once approved, the plan will be carried out over a 3 year period.
Within five years, Dominion will present a american roulette pc game tricks plan to the Bureau of Ocean Energy Management for a National Environmental Protection Act Review.
The obstacles to wind energy development in Virginia are certainly not insignificant.
However, that does not make them insurmountable.
There are multiple ways to make Virginia more attractive for wind development.
The consensus at the Virginia Wind Energy Forum is that gaining public support is likely to be the most important step in moving small-scale projects forward.
The next step will be to streamline the onerous permitting process, which currently includes duplicative steps.
Special thanks to Ashleigh Cotting for attending the Virginia State Wind Forum and contributing to this blog post.
Ashleigh is interning in the Harrisonburg office, and is a rising senior at James Madison University, with a major in Integrated Science and Technology.
This year, James Madison University my school and neighbor to the Antares Virginia office competed in the inaugural National Collegiate Wind Competition hosted by the Department of Energy.
For the past two decades, ANTARES has been in the business of helping its clients take advantage of government incentive programs to launch their renewable energy and energy efficiency projects.
It is fair to say that we have covered a lot of territory on this front and I thought it might be valuable to write a short blog about how we think most clients should incorporate incentives into their decision making process.
OK, so our first post on this topic — —was really popular.
It looks like a lot of you are interested in seeing if absorption chillers will help you reduce your overall energy consumption.
Congratulations on asking a very good question!
Below is follow-up post that takes a closer look at some of the key things that people keep asking me about absorption chillers.
Antares engineer Clair Hessmer is part of team that will be hosting a seminar at the New York Fair Grounds for farmers interested in learning more about anaerobic digesters.
The details of the event are below.
If you know someone who may like to attend, please pass on this post.
The federal for renewable energy expired on January 1st, 2014.
In addition, legislation passed in February 2009 The pdfor ARRA allowed projects that were eligible to claim the PTC to instead claim a 30% pdfor ITC.
With the PTC expiration, so goes their eligibility for the ITC.

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